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Dance School Protocol


Good behavior, proper discipline, respect for faculty, staff and classmates are expected from all who visit the Inner City School- students, parents, siblings and visitors.

The school reserves the right to dismiss any persons who displays rude or disrespectful behavior


Your cooperation in enforcing this policy is important!

  • Students should arrive at least 15 - 20 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled class
  • The beginning of each class consists of exercises to prepare the student to relax, concentrate, and focus.
  • The exercises segue slow muscle warm-up excercises at the barre.
  • Students arriving late are distracting, disturbing, and interrupt the fluidity of the training.
  • It is the teacher's discretion to allow late students to participate or only to observe the class. Please respect this policy!
  • Our classes begin and end on time.
  • If for some reason, the class may run a few minutes late, we will confirm with the parents.


All students’ participation will be observed/assessed weekly during the months of September, October and November. The evaluation is based on a variety of factors, including; proficiency of artistic skills; participation and peer relationships; preparedness and completion of assignments. Determination of a student's class assignment is at the sole discretion of the executive director.

Dress Code

Foot Wear
Please mark your name in your shoes in case they are left behind in the studio. Dance shoes should never be worn outside the studio.

Ballet Shoes
All students are to wear strictly their required uniform with the appropriate shoe. (Before purchasing, please consult with the Director) Young ladies over the age of 7 should wear the split sole canvas ballet slipper, (suntan or pink) with bows tucked into shoes. Young men wear black/white canvas or leather. Upper level classes are required to dye their shoes to match the skin tone/tights (instructions will be provided)  Remember to wear your socks on the days that parents participate in class or just tuck a pair of your socks in your child's dance bag.  Streets shoes are not welcomed!

Tap Shoes
The regular trade-marked student patent leather tap shoe with black string ribbon is the required shoe for girls with a child size foot. Young ladies wearing adult sizes can purchase the unisex tap shoes in black from an authorized dance supply stores.

All students are to wear strictly the schools regulation leotard and class uniform colors. (Please consult with Director). Students may purchase (white or pink) sweater in crop-tie, V-neck, shrug or wrap styles. Also permissible are knit hipster or fold down short. (See dance supply listing). Dancers may also wear jazz pants for tap class warm-ups. No jazz pants in ballet class.

Coiffure/Hair Style for Dance
Neatly combed/brushed hair, firmly secured off the forehead and the neck. (Preferably in a bun or twist) Students are responsible for their own hair pins, snap clips, hair nets, comb/brush and hair elastics. (Please no big bows, dangling barrettes or decorative beads) Hair supplies should always be in the dancer’s bag.