Primary Ballet Level I
Primary Ballet Technique
Level I

Grades 1-3

October 2018-May 2019

5:45pm -7:00pm


Instructor: TBA

Dress Code
*Leotard Color TBA *Regulation leotard
*Tights Skintone
*Canvas ballet slippers
*Dance bag w/essential/binder notebook
*Ballet sweater - pink or white
*warm-up with hood /cap w/ matching pants

As students transition from KinderDance CM/III, new learning opportunities await them in Primary/I Classical Ballet Technique class. Primary/I course of study emphasizes creative expression through movement to classical music, introduction to ballet steps, beginner barre work, terminology, exercises for stretch, agility and strength. Classes are designed to provide your child with excellent dance training and superior attention to detail from our faculty of professional artists. Meets once a week (75 minutes) (Sept – May)  Maximum enrollment 15 students.

Ballet Level II
Primary Ballet Technique
Level II

Grades 4-7

October 2018 - May 2019

7:00pm - 8:20pm


Instructor: TBA

Dress Code Girls
*Regulation Leotard Color TBA
*Suntan canvas ballet slippers-(full sole)
*Ballet Sweater - white, pink, black
*warm-up w/hood or cap color TBD
*Dance bag w/essentials/binder noteboook

Primary Ballet Level/II is a more formal level of training. Steps previously introduced will evolve and incorporate different positions and design patterns. This class will focus on building strength, correct placement, improve posture, strengthening feet and ankles, musicality and introduce ballet steps both at the barre and center. This level student is expected to exhibit proper etiquette in the classroom and actively participate in the learning process. All students are required to bring a 3-ring binder to class to note take ballet terminology and practice exercise for home study.

Meets once a week (75 minutes) 7pm - 8:20pm

(Oct - May). Maximum enrollment (12) Grades 4th - 7th